The diary of positivity

The diary of positivity


During this activity you will exercise yourself into a better quality of life. 

Time needed:

  • 30 minutes every night before sleeping

Materials needed:

  • A diary and a pen! 

Description of the tool:

It is scientifically proven that activities that practice our body, contribute to the good health of our soul and can even lead us to a happier living. 

Step 1: Think of an activity that attracts your interest. Record all these activities or actions that attract you in a notebook. 

Step 2: Start dedicating at least half an hour each day to these activities that you recorded as for the level of pleasure and relaxation that provide you. 

Step 3: After each activity bring in your mind all the things that might made you feel sad or disturbed you. You won’t remember even half of them! 

Tip: You can also think in the end of your activities which feelings and emotions reflected on you and record them in order to focus on these emotions!