Directorate of Primary Education Heraklion Greece

The Directorate of Primary Education is a large educational agency that operates as an organizational and administrative branch of the Greek Ministry of Education in the city of Heraklion, Crete. It is responsible for 350 schools in the region of Heraklion, both primary and pre-primary education, and over 3000 teachers of all specialties.

The main role of the Directorate of Primary Education is to implement, supplement and co-ordinate the educational reformation policies imposed by the Ministry of Education of Greece. In addition, it supervises and facilitates the realization of various educational projects at schools, such as the Erasmus Projects held by many of our schools at present.

The Directorate of Primary Education is divided into five operational departments. There are about 60 employees working at the Directorate of Primary Education at present in all of those five departments. It is run by Mr. Emmanouil Beladakis who serves as the Deputy Director of the Directorate as well as the Head of the Department of Educational Affairs.

In an educational reality constantly changing, the personal and professional growth of the teaching staff is becoming an imperative need. The participation in European Projects gives all partners the chance to travel to other European countries and learn about their history and traditions. Also, it is an excellent opportunity for all members involved to meet, work and exchange views and good practices with each other. The knowledge gained from the trips will then be passed on and shared with all schools in the region.

For all the above mentioned reasons we long for the participation in European projects and we certainly hope that this will become a stepping stone to new friendships and strong bonds amongst all partners.

Dr. Beladakis Emmanouil, Director of the Directorate of Primary Education of Heraklion, Vice of the Institute, has participated in Erasmus projects as legal representative. His research and writing interests focus on issues of management education, intercultural education. His position in the Directorate is of great significance. The main purpose of the Department he runs is to organize, facilitate and implement all statutory laws and legislations. He has participated in an Erasmus KA229 and KA201.