The Mediterreanean Cruise

The Mediterreanean Cruise



  • To challenge the students stereotypes and prejudice about other people especially minorities
  • To understand from where the stereotypes that we build come from

Suggested time needed:

60 minutes

Group Size: 15 -25

Materials needed:

  • A paper with the passenger’s profile
  • White paper
  • Pens

Description of the Tool:

Step 1:Introduce the activity and make the participants feels that they are really going on a cruise

Step 2: Provide the students with the passengers profile and give them some time to read them

Step 3: Ask them to chose three people they would most likely share a room with on the cruise and with whom they would spend their time

Step 4: Divide the group in smaller groups and tell the participants to compare their choices. Ask them to come with a consensus withing the group of the three most wanted and the three least wanted

Step 5: Once the subgroups have made their choice, gather them back in the plenary and ask each group to present their conclusions including the reasons of their decisions.

Step 6: Close down with some debriefing questions. Some examples for the debriefing questions can be found in the attachment below.