A walk among the words


Naturalistic intelligence exploits an ease in categorising words and concepts.
In this case, a short story taking place in nature will be told and the children will learn the meaning of the words by categorising them.

Age of students:

  •  7 years

Group Size:

  • Entire Classroom

Time needed:

  • 1 hour

Materials needed:

  • The story
  •  3 posters in different colours:
    – Blue-coloured poster: children should enter words relating to the weather or the seasons
    – Green board: words concerning trees and fruits
    – Yellow board: words concerning animals
  •  Words to stick on the boards, scotch tape

Description of the tool:

Choose a fairy tale or fable to tell the children that has nature as its theme.
Extrapolate from the text some words from animals, plants, flowers, seasons, weather and write them on cards.
Prepare 3 posters in different colours for the three categories:
– Whether, season
– Animals
– Fruits, tree
(you can also prepare them together with them on previous days).
Read the fairy tale once.
Read it again, but first tell the children to pay attention to the animals’ present.
Read it a third time, telling them to be careful if there are trees or flowers.
Reread it one last time telling them to be careful with all the words we use to talk about the weather or the seasons.
Arrange all the words you have transcribed on the floor and ask them to stick the words on the corresponding poster.
If there are words, they have never heard take the time to show a picture or explain what they are.
By the end of the activity, the children will have learnt new words.