Talking Trees


Develop language skills

Time needed:

  • 5 hours (4 lessons)

Age of Students:

  • 11-12 years

Group size:

  • five group of four pupils each

Materials needed:

  • pens
  • Colours
  • Notebooks
  •  Computer
  • Internet connection

Description of the tool:

Step 1 -1 hour
Find a place, ideally near the school, that has a variety of trees and walk with your students around that place, talking them about the tree that they're seeing.
Ask if someone already know the trees and if want to say their name.
Once you are confidence with the name of the trees start to introduce the name of the individual parts of the trees: root, trunk, stem, foliage, primary and secondary branches, etc.) and the leaf (petiole, page, veins, etc.).
STEP 2- 1 hour
Create smaller groups (4 students for each) and assign each group its own tree.
They will draw it with all the parts and add a short-written description.
STEP 3: 2 hours
Go back to the classroom and give them the school's laptops: each group, under the guidance of the teacher, will do some research to discover some interesting facts about its own;
tree, such as their origins or some legends and prepare a presentation.
STEP 4- 1 hour
Come back in the area where there the trees are; each group will show the results founded to the other groups telling their classmates the tree’s origins and/or the curiosity about it.
All of the drawings and related texts from each group will be put together to create the talking trees’ booklet.