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Theme: Cultural diversity awareness


  • To encourage creativity and promote intercultural learning 

  • To give the students the sense of recognition, completion and contribution: they can see their hard work results and share it to others by displaying all of the scrapbook in the school library/ gallery space in school hall which is visible and easy to approach for everyone in the school

Suggested time needed: One full week

Group Size: 20-30 people

Materials needed:

  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • A3 size Scrapbook hard copies
  • Scissors
  • Pencils
  • Tapes
  • Glues,
  • Markers,
  • Crayons,

Description of the Tool:

Step 1: Divide the class into groups of 5, each group will be in charge of one scrapbook.

Step 2: The mission of each group is to make one scrapbook to present culture from the chosen country. They can use all kinds of material. They can also draw if they would like to. Each scrapbook should cover at least basic information: name of the country, national flag, people values, religions and beliefs, typical food and manners, arts and famous quotes,etc. Encourage your students to be creative as much as possible, their is no rules or limitations in the way of presenting on their scrapbook 

Step 3: On the last day, the scrapbooks from all groups will be exhibited in the class gallery/school hall/common room, where students can comfortably go around to see all the works and vote for the most creative and informative scrapbook.

Notes to facilitators:

Note 1:Link to the example of common scrapbooks:[]=scra pbook%7Ctyped 

Note 2: There could be an award prepared for the winning group 🙂