Diversity Calendar

Diversity Calendar



  • To enrich the participants knowledge regarding other cultural celebrations, including when such celebrations are held, why they are held and also what takes place during such celebrations.

Suggested time needed: One Scholastic Year

Group Size: NA

Materials needed:

  • Material from different countries / cultures

Description of the Tool:

Step 1: The participants will be asked to participate in a monopoly game.

Step 2: We will be using the rules of the normal monopoly game but add on some new rules. These new rules will be different for each person that is playing in the game.

Step 3: Start playing the game and monitor the reactions of the players whilst playing.

Notes to facilitator:

Note 1: Make sure that the participants are following the conditions imposed on them.

Note 2: In the debriefing part ask how they felt if there was any frustration from the ones underprivileged and if the privileged ones felt bad for the underprivileged ones.