Power Walk

Power Walk

Theme: Provide opportunities for empathy, reflection and expanding social abilities


  • To help students understand why certain people cannot advance as much as others in society
  • To help the students understand how it feels when you do not have the means to provide the basic necessities to yourself or your loved ones

Suggested time needed: 60 Minutes

Group Size: 15 -25

Materials needed:

  • Paper with characters on them

Description of the Tool:

Step 1: Give each student a different role. Make sure that they keep their role to themselves.

Step  2: Ask participants to stand in a row, next to each other

Step 3: Tell the participants that you will be reading some statements and that they should move forward if they feel that these statements apply to them

Step 4: Once the simulation is over you can continue with some debriefing questions.

You can find the statements and debriefing questions in the attachments below

Tip to Facilitator:

Tip 1:Before giving the roles it helps if you make a short meditation sessions to ground the people and help them get into their role once they get the paper