Human Libraries

Human Libraries

Theme: Various themes can be targeted trough this tool


  • Build understanding for diversity
  • Facilitate a greater acceptance, tolerance and social cohesion in the classroom /community
  •  Create a real connection between young people

Suggested time needed: 60 Minutes

Group Size: 15 -30

Materials needed:

  • Chairs for people to sit in groups

Description of the Tool:

Step 1: The participants will be divided into groups and they will have a “human book” who will talk about his/her experience about a particular subject. The participants will have the chance to listen and then ask any questions that they might have

Step 2: After staying with the first “human book” the participants will move on to another “human book”

Step 3: In the end the participants will be called in the big group and some debriefing questions will be asked

Tip to Facilitator:

Tip 1: Make sure to find people who are comfortable to talk about their experience