Mathematical Stories


Creating Stories 

Time needed:

  • 2 hours

Material needed:

  • Cards with situations and numbers on them

Group size:

  • 4 students

Age of Students:

  • 10-14 years old

Description of the tool:

1) The class is divided into groups of 4 students.
2) Each group selects randomly 4 cards.
3) The teacher informs groups that they have to create a small story with these 4 cards. The story should include one mathematic problem. 2 of 4 cards have numbers that have to be used in the problem. Each group has selected a card that describes the type of text, which should be written. When all groups finish, exchange their stories and solve the mathematic

– Each student has its role. (designer, writer, editor, auditor).

– In the end of writing, there is an improvement tool to develop their stories.