Chess Game


  • To practice both logic and math
  • To improve thinking 
  • To practice language by explaining the moves they make and learn the rules of the game

Time needed:

  • 45 minutes

Group Size:

  • 2 students- 30 students (interchanging)

Materials needed:

  • Chess board game

Description of the tool:

Step 1: Each student plays versus the other one.
Step 2: They explain the rules of the games to the class in order to practice language and understanding of the game.
Step 3: They play the game and by moving their pawns and simultaneously they practice logical and mathematical thinking

Tips for educators:
Chess game is a famous and fun game that is being played

worldwide. Educators can give the opportunity to students from foreign countries to interact with each other and get in touch by  organizing global school tournaments. There can also be a reward for the winner of the final game, for example a prize (cup) or a book with written rules of the chess game.