To learn how to self reflect

Time needed:

  • About 1 hour

Materials needed:

  • A dark room and relaxing music

Age of students:

  • 10 years +

Group size:

  • The whole class

Description of the tool:

  • Find a comfortable spot in the room and in the dark
  • Take deep breaths
  • Alone, listen to your body: move, shift, step.
  • Be aware of the body sensations: Do you feel judged, anxious, free? – How does this manifest physically? What does the music tell you? Move to the rhythm of the music
  • Music change: Find a partners – someone who feels natural for you to be with. Face your partner.
  • Keep your rhythm but at the same time find the rhythm of the other person. Focus as well on what do you feel


  • Group diamond: in 4, someone will lead the group, then the others will follow.
  • Debriefing: In a whole group.
  • What are you feeling?
  • What was the most challenging?
  • What did you learn about yourself?
  • How was it to lead?
  • What was your position in the room? Does it mirror your position in life?
  • Is it easier to empathise with others than with ourselves?
  • How can you relate this to real life situations?