Let’s go Green!


Environmental Vocabulary

Time needed:

  • 45 minutes by 2

Group Size:

  • 6 students

Age of Students:

  • 7-9 years old

Materials needed:

  • Picture of a garden, plant pot, soil, seeds, water 

Description of the tool:

  • Show the picture and ask student to name what they see in the picture. Example: What do you see in the picture? (garden, Flowers, grass, soil, trees, sun, sky, clouds, green, yellow, purple, red , white, pink , blue, etc
  • Go to the school garden or a public garden and ask the children questions relating to the senses, example: What can you see/smell/hear/ feel?
  • In class: introduce the plant vocabulary (plant pot, soil, seeds, water).
  • Each student follows a step by step procedure to sow the seeds: a) Put some soil in the pot. b) Press the seeds into the soil. c) Pour some water onto the soil.
  • Children will display their pots in an appropriate place in the classroom, example: on the window sill.
  • Children follow up by watering and measuring the growth of the plant.