Plastic in Numbers


To teach children how to make statistics diagrams

Time needed:

  • 2 teaching hours

Group Size:

4-5 students per group

Age of students:

  • 9-12 years old

Materials needed:

  • Gloves, rubbish bags, paper, pencils – alternatively you can use marine litter track EU, mobile phone

Description of the tool:

  • Teacher chooses a nearby beach to clean and adopt symbolically.
  • Teacher and students prepare equipment, what to wear.
  • Students get separated into small groups and discuss how to organise the work.
  • Teacher contacts with the relevant local authorities and inform them about and inform them about the cleaning. Teacher makes sure that they can collect waste the specific day.
  • Students go to the beach, collect waste and write on papers what they find
  • They return in the classroom, process the data and make diagrams.