Brunch from Around the Globe

Brunch from Around the Globe

Theme: Raising awareness about cultural diversity in the classroom.


  • To learn vocabulary related to food
  • To learn some basic English by following instructions to create a recipe
  • To become aware of different cultures trough the cooking of different food
  • To become more aware of of healthy recipes

Suggested time needed: 120 Minutes

Group Size: 15 -30

Materials needed:

  • Cooking ingredients according to the recipe that you will be cooking
  • Kitchen tools

Description of the Tool:

Step 1:

Students coming from foreign countries are invited to bring to the classroom recipes regarding brunch food from their culture and the whole classroom is going to participate in materializing them. Each brunch recipe is going to be presented as “What (student’s name) has for brunch” in order to avoid stereotypes and achieve correlation with the specific student. The educators involved in this project communicate with the student during the week in order to get informed about the ingredients needed so that they can bring enough quantities to make as many portions as the classroom sum.

Step 2: During this phase, the whole classroom is getting involved in making the recipe by following step by step the instructions provided. The classroom can be organized in small groups that work together. This provides the opportunity to the students to develop their collaborative skills and bond. After all the preparations are done, one can take a photo of the final product to include it in the “Recipe Magazine” one can create at the end

Step 3: After all the portions are ready, each student may enjoy his/her brunch during the classroom break. The teachers encourage everyone to have a taste of the final product which is also kind of symbolic but of course the final decision is up to them. Once there is enough material available, the “Recipe Magazine” can be edited and created on a PC/Laptop, copied and then shared to the rest of the classrooms.

Tip to Facilitator:

Tip 1: Make sure to make safety a priority especially when using certain equipment like knives, forks and the blender.

Tip 2: This session can be repeated multiple times with different recipes from different countries.