Choose Positivity


During this activity you will find out the way to lead yourself in a positive and well meaning way of thinking.

Time needed: 30 minutes 

Materials needed:

  • Paper and pen

Description of the Tool:

Studies have shown that bringing to memory and recording the best moments that worth to remember (positive feelings) and prospectively the worst ones, those that made you feel sadness, anger, or stress(negative feelings) can become the base for a peaceful and dreamy lifestyle and thinking.

Step 1: Think of the best and the worst moment of your day.

Step 2: Start recording them in a notebook(referring the significant date) and notice the feelings that each moment reflects on you.

Step 3: Think about the reasons that made the good moments success and perspectival how the worst ones could convert to better.

Tip: You can also write in the end of the record, the moral lesson of the day that those moments offered you, in order to appreciate that every moment has a positive message to give you.