Mrs. Alphabet


Cultivating children’s listening ability, attention, reflexes and
Also the recognition of the letters of the alphabet.

Age of Students:

  • 5-6 years old

Materials needed:

  • Gymnastics hoops, as many as children. Percussion instruments, music cd.
    Alphabet letters on flashcards with ribbon, which the children can put around the
    neck and also tags with letters, as many as the children.

Description of the tool:

Each child wears a tag with a letter around their neck. A necessary
condition for the child is to recognize the letters, which is easily achieved if, from the
beginning of the year, we introduce them into our program activities. A child is
designated to be Mrs. Alphabet. This child wears a crown on his head, where up
various letters are written. We place the wreaths scattered on the floor. Inside each
wreath, we put a letter. The hoops are the supposed houses of Mrs. Alphabet’s
children. The children, depending on the letter they have passed around their neck,
head to their homes. When the music starts, the children come out of their house
and go for a walk. The child who is Mrs. Alphabet also comes out, singing the
following words:
Mrs. Alphabet: it’s me and I’m walking around, on the way to collect my beloved
children. All day they run, play and they shout loudly. But where did they go, where

did they go, are my children ok? Ah, my little birds! Here you are my tricks! Hurry
home, it's late. And the moon rose up there.
As soon as Mrs. Alphabet finishes her words, she bangs the tambourine loudly and
the children quickly run to enter each in his house. Any child who doesn’t get in and
is caught by Mrs. Alphabet, becomes Mrs Alphabet itself and the game continues.