City Tour

City Tour



  • Help Students acquire knowledge about different cultures
  • Help students realize the importance of maintaining one’s own culture no matter the environment nor the circumstances they live in
  • Help the students reflect upon the course of civilizations and the power cultural identities hold.

Suggested time needed: 10 Hours

Group Size: 15 – 25

Materials needed:

  • A local book with information on the city
  • Local guide
  • Video camera.smartphone

Description of the Tool:

Step 1: During the first phase of the activity, the reading of the book takes place. Through the book, the group gains information about the city. Whilst reading, the students are exposed to the culture and history of the town that they are living in. The students are also being informed about certain locations on interest that should be visited. These places should be noted down so as to be visited during the tour.

Step 2: During this phase, the group, will visit the locations mentioned above and the students, playing the role of tour guides, give vital information about the facilities and the place that are visited. Through this, they get the chance to exercise their verbal skills and also enjoy a walk around the city. Most of the process is being recorded so that can be edited later and be presented as a short documentary.

Step 3: During the third and last phase of the endeavor, the recorded video is going to be edited and with the help of the interpreter, is going to be translated into other languages that migrant students in the class speak. This will help these students to enjoy this tour as well