Welcome to My Village

Welcome to My Village



  • To bring reflection about intercultural competences.

  • To make participants aware how quick assimilation gets in stead of integration

  • To open discussion about cultures, values and symbols…

Suggested time needed: 90 minutes

Group Size: 15 -25

Materials needed:

  • Clay
  • Knives
  • Old Newspapers / magazines
  • Straws

Description of the Tool:

Step 1: The group is divided in 4 groups, with each on a table with 5 kg of clay. 

Step 2: They will be given the instructions and they will have some time to get acquainted to the rules.

Step 3: After that they will have time to build the village. They must work in silence.No communication trough talking and writing can take place.

Step 4: Once the villages are built you give each member a straw and the people with the largest and smallest straws have to move to other villages according to the instructions that you give them. They have to put their building in the new village they go to.

Step : Debriefing sessions to conclude the activity.

Notes to facilitator:

Note 1: The whole activity should be silent, no verbal or written communication. This is very important for the success of this activity.