Peter’s Story

Peter's Story

Theme: Provide opportunities for empathy, reflection and expanding social abilities


  • To help students understand why people decide to leave their home countries and travel to Europe for a better life
  • To create a sense of empathy towards migrants that were forced to leave their home country

Suggested time needed: 90 Minutes

Group Size: 15+

Materials needed:

  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Computers/laptops/tablets
  • Blank papers,
  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Colors
  • Flip charts to write on

Description of the Tool:

Step 1: The first step would be for the students to go on the link below and go trough the experience on an individual level


Step 2: The second step would be to divide the students in small groups and ask them to write about the following: How did they feel during this simulation?, Why do they think people have to leave their home country to search for a better life? What would they do if they were in Peter’s position? 

Tip to Facilitator:

Tip 1: Before the actual simulation, it would be ideal to make a small meditation to slowly put the student’s mindset in the reality of the simulation exercise. 

Tip 2: Make sure that during the simulation the students stay focuses don the task and no talking should take place so that they focus on what they are reading and listening to and also the emotions that they are feeling.