The Cooperation Puzzle


Improve the students’ logical skills and improve interpersonal intelligence through logical skills.

Time needed:

  • 7 hours

Age of students:

  • 9 to 11 years

Group size:

  • 4 students in each group (in the classroom)

Materials needed:

  • A big room
  • Some tables
  • Construction kit – Lego, puzzle, cubes
  • Pictures
  • 2 Teachers

Description of the tool:

The teacher divides the classroom in different groups and they will sit by the table. Each group will be given a construction kit (Lego, Puzzle, Cubes) and a picture that will then be reproduced with the pieces of the construction kit. Each picture can be reproduced only with the corresponding kit. The kits given on each table will have some missing pieces that will be given to the other tables. (the picture can be created only by cooperating with each other). The students will need to work in a team.

Once the teacher distributes the pictures and the kits to the students, he/she will say the only rule that this game has:

‘You can donate pieces, but you cannot take them.’