The Birth of Pinocchio

Main Aim:

Body and Language Skills

Time needed:

  • 1 Day 

Group size:

  • maximum 15

Age of Students:

  • 8 years

Materials needed:

  • A novel and a puppet

Description of the tool:

  • Dramatised reading of the chapter of the book ‘Pinocchio’, the creation of the puppet
  • After listening and discussing in a large group, the children are split in two groups. 
  • One of the groups representing Geppetto and the other one hold a piece of wood. Here the teacher explains the difference between – flexibility/mobility and rigidity/resistance of the body.
  • The teacher gives the information for the construction of the various parts of the body. The piece of wood begins to move the part of the body built.
  • In the first part of this session the wood needs to be totally rigid and static and does not give in to movement. Those representing Geppetto will slowly build the parts requested. 
  • In the end the puppet will move all the body.