The Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards

Theme: Intercultural Learning


  • To learn about the culture of other countries trough films
  • To improve the skills of spoken English

Suggested time needed: 90 minutes

Group Size: Any group size

Materials needed:

  • Screen 
  • Internet Connection
  • Speakers
  • Film

Description of the Tool:

Step 1: The educator will chose a film from different countries. It would be ideal to chose films from the countries that the students are coming from. Therefore if you have students from Italy, Malta, Portugal and Syria in the class, one time you chose a film from Malta another time from Italy etc.

Step 2: The students will watch the film together.

Step 3: After the film they will discuss whats truck them. What they learned on the culture of the country that the film was produced in, was there any similarity or differences? The way that people act, if it is different from what they are used to.

Notes to facilitators:

Note 1: It would be ideal if the film has English subtitles, so that it would be easier for the students to follow.