My Safe Place

My Safe Place


  • Support the students to visualise their own safe place

  • Encourages students to think about their space and consider what and who would be there
  • Helps the students to explore ways how to feel calm and relaxed even when they are unable to go to a physical or real safe place

Suggested time needed: 60 minutes

Group Size: 5 -25

Materials needed:

  • Big white cardboard paper for each student folded in half
  • Oil pastels
  • Crayons
  • Soft music

Description of the Tool:

Step 1: The educator will prepare some soft music and will ask the students to close their eyes and whilst breathing gently to listen to the music.

Step 2:  The educator will then ask the students to think of a place that they like and in which they feel very safe. This place can be a real place or make-believe or a bit of both

Step 3: The educator will guide the students through the process by asking them to draw this place with as much information as possible including who will be there with them in this safe place and what will they be doing there

Step 4: Once they finish, the students will share what they have drawn and the educator will guide the reflection by asking ‘Where is this safe place’, ‘How do they get there?’, ‘What does it look like?’, ‘Whether they are there alone or with others’, ‘What they like of this place’ and ‘What makes it safer than other places?’

Tips for educators

In case of students that have experienced traumatic experiences or stress, it might not be very easy for them to imagine a safe place. In this case, the educators can help the students by what things, actions and/or people could help to create a safer space.