Body Expression

Body Expression


  • Helps the students to understand better their emotions

  • Use different parts of their body to express emotions
  • Helps the students to feel more connected with themselves and to externalize their feelings

Suggested time needed: 60 minutes

Group Size: 5 -25

Materials needed:

  • Roll of large white drawing paper cut according to need
  • Oil pastels
  • Crayons

Description of the Tool:

Step 1: The educator asks the students to pair and in turn they help their peers to make a full body outline by laying on their backs on the paper and their friend draws the outline

Step 2:  Once the outlines are ready, the educators asks the students to draw a picture inside their body of what they are currently feeling. 

Step 3: To further help the students’ thought process, the educator can guide the students to think of time where they are angry and what they would draw in that case, when they are happy and so on.

Step 4: Once they finish, the students will share what they have drawn and the educator will ask some reflective questions such as; ‘How do you feel right now?’, ‘What is your favourite feeling?’, ‘What makes you feel happy?’, ‘What makes you feel angry?’, ‘What would you like to feel right now?’.

Tips for educators

In case a student feels uncomfortable about lying on the ground while s/he is being traced, the paper can be taped to a wall so that the tracing can happen with the student standing up. If a student is totally uncomfortable being touched, the student can make a whole body outline on the paper themselves without being traced.