If you’re happy and you know it, show it!


Emotions: Verbal and body language

Time needed:

  • 45 minutes by 2

Group Size:

  • 6

Age of Students:

  • 7-11 years

Materials needed:

  • Emotions flashcards
  • Patty Shukla’s Emotions/ Feelings Song http://www.viewpure.com/utZr0dPu5sk?start=0&end=0
  • Blindfold
  • The learning station: Happy Dance http://www.viewpure.com/cQ6BPWylueQ?start=0&end=0

Description of the tool:

  • Show flashcards and ask students to pick the  one that shows their feeling at present.
  • Play the Emotions video song. Encourage children to imitate the expressions while they watch. Note: There are 3 sets of emotions (24 in total). These can be used according to the ages of the children and spread over two lessons or more as the need may be.
  • After watching the video, ask the children questions like: – What makes you happy/ sad/ shy/ loved, etc?
  • Divide the whiteboard into two: happy smiley and a sad smiley as headings to catagorise the emotions. Ask children questions like: Is confused happy or sad? They write confused under the right smiley.
  • Fun activity: Stick a face without a mouth to the whiteboard. Children are blindfolded one by one and given a mouth. They need to stick it to the face on the board, supposedly the mouth area. Laughter to be expected 🙂 The blindfold is removed and the child needs to guess what the emotion is. The rest of the class is invited to help with the vocabulary.
  • Finally, play the video: Happy Dance