Draw, listen, check – How’s the weather


The use of music to enhance language, particularly vocabulary related to weather

Time needed:

  • 45 minutes 

Group Size:

  • According to the size of the class

Age of students:

  • 8-10 years old

Materials needed:

  • Interactive board

Description of the tool:

  • Write the word “weather” on the board and ask them to think about what it means to them.
  • Ask the children what they feel when they hear music

  • Tell the children to divide their paper in 6 sections.

    Write down words from the song

    How’s the weather:

    Rainy, windy, snowy, sunny, cloudy, play.

    Ask the children to draw something for each word in each of the sections.

  • Ask the children to put down their pencils and just listen to the song.


    After that, ask them to listen to the music again and if they identify a word from the song, they are to do a check mark next to it. 

    This exercise will enhance their listening skills.

  • Ask children to sing along to the song. Music will reinforce and support acquisition of new vocabulary, apart from increasing enjoyment. Together with teacher, children can choose particular body movements or gestures to go with some words of phrases. This physical response will also enhance learning.
  • I really enjoyed ____________