Digital book of emotions


To help the children to express themselves by using story telling

Time needed:

  • 2 teaching hours (we can choose every day a different emotion)

Group size:

  • 1-4 students (depends on age/ level)

Age of students:

  • 8-12 years old

Materials needed:

  • Tablet of pc, internet connection, emotional cards, projector, storybird (, wheel/cards

Description of the tool:

  • The teacher opens the tool on the tablets.
  • Students get separated in groups (1-4 in each group).
  • Each group selects one emotional card.
  • The they take a look with pictures and select a set of pictures that depicts their feelings.
  • They discuss all together about relevant experiences and feeligns and they create a story on storybird (the teacher gives a paper with guidelines, such as: What’s the felling of the hero? etc. These will be based on the specific emotional card, using their experiences.
  • Each group presents its story in the classroom.
  • All students discuss about their stories.