• To discuss the concept of ‘All Different – All Equal’

  • To reflect on the meaning of diversity
  • To discuss conflict management

Time needed: 60 minutes

Group Size: 5 – 35

Materials needed:

  • Puppets such as different animals, hunter, presenter and Zabderfilio
  • Puppet theatre

Description of the Tool:

Step 1: Gather the students in front of the puppet theatre. explain that they have to be silent and stay in their seats when the puppet show is running. They should only speak when the characters ask them questions and nobody should try to touch them.

Step 2: The educator with the help of learning assistants or other educators runs the puppet show. 

Step 3: At the end of the puppet show ask the students some questions such as:

i. How did you feel about the story?

ii. What happened during the story?

iii. What animal did you like the most and why? Which animal did you like the least and why?

iv. Were the other animals fair towards Zabderfilio?

v. Why do you think they acted so?

vi. Why you think the other animals finally became friends with Zabderfilio? 

Step 4: Relate these questions to real-life situations and ask the students whether they had ever felt like Zabderfilio or whether they had seen others being treated so. How will they react in these situations?

Tips for educators

i. If a puppet theatre is not available, you can use a desk and a blanket

ii. Use animals that are available and adapt the script. Otherwise cardboard cutouts or socks can be used as animal puppets

iii. Although a drawing of Zabderfilio is available, you can change it with having different characteristics. What is important is that it looks weird.