The Dance for Inclusion

The Dance for Inclusion



  • To understand how we filter information and form assumptions 

  • To be able to reexamine one’s assumptions and avoid automatic reactions

  • To demonstrate how our behaviors are often influenced by cultural values or filters.

Suggested time needed: 30 Minutes

Group Size: 25 -35

Materials needed:

  • None

Description of the Tool:

Step 1: Ask the participants to stand and find a partner. Direct partners to face each other, place their feet firmly on the floor, and then raise both hands and place them palm-to-palm at shoulder height. 

Step 2: Now tell participants that to win at this activity, they must make the other person move his or her feet-within 30 seconds. Start the timing. (Note: most participants will use brute force to push each other. Some may try to negotiate or bribe the other person to move. A few may stop pushing and let the other person’s momentum propel him or her forward). 

Step 3: After 30 seconds, stop the activity & ask a few participants to share some of the strategies they used to get the other person to move. 

Step 4: Ask for a volunteer. Assume the face-to-face, palm-to-palm position. Whisper to the other person «Let’s dance» and move your feet together. 

Step 5: The participants will probably protest that this is cheating. Remind them that the directions were simply to get the other person to move his or her feet within the 30-second time frame. These were no restrictions on moving your own feet or communicating. Ask participants who won.