Sports Debate


Pupils have to be able to express their opinion regarding the choice between an individual and/or group sports.

Time needed:

  • 45 minutes 

Group size:

  • 20+ students, divided in 2 groups

Age of students:

  • 10 years old +

Materials needed:

  • 2 coloured post it, markers, 2 cardboard paper, tape, a rope, poster – mind map with argument techniques

Description of the tool:

In the school gym, the teacher will ask students to sit in a circle and present them on the laptop: “The Argument Mindtrap”. The teacher announces that they are going to have a debate. Then he/she divides the students in 2 groups (A & B) and asks them to think about arguments in order to convince him/her that their group’s opinion is the right one. Teacher presents to them 2 card boards that have opposite opinions on. The students will have to argue in favour of team sports or individual sports. Students are randomly divided into each group by taking in hand a post-it note. (example blue or yellow). Afterwards, each group defends its argument having a limit of 10 minutes time. Each student writes his/her arguments on the post-it note and sticks it on the cardboard. When all teams are ready they stay on their teams. Teacher divides both teams by sticking paper tape on the floor. He/she gives both teams to hold a rope from one side to another and if they answer correctly they move one step forward. If they don’t stay still.