Running towards Mathematics


Acquisition and recognition of numerical knowledge

Time needed:

  • 40 minutes

Age of Students:

  • 4-8 years old

Group Size:

  • 2-4

Materials needed:

  • Circles,
  • Cards with pictures representing numerical quantities (1 to 10), cards with numerical symbols,
  • Easily available objects of various kinds (Lego bricks, stones, etc.)

Description of the tool:

Step 1:
The activity can take place in the courtyard or gymnasium.
A path with ten circles is prepared by the teachers.
Inside some of the circles a number of objects will be placed in random order, under the remaining empty circles a sheet with a number symbol will be placed.
Step 2:
Teachers will give the objects at his/her students and then will give the start with a whistle (or counting).
The children start, quickly, to place the right number of objects indicated in the circle where the number symbol is present and to write the corresponded number symbol where there are only objects.
The time for each “race” could be spread in 1 or 2 minutes.
Step 3:
The race is repeated to the same groups of children, proposing them different level of difficulty