Odd and Even Numbers Game


To distinguish between odd and even numbers by establishing a winning team 

Time needed:

  • 45 minutes

Group size:

  • 15 – split into 2 (odd and even)

Age of students:

  • 6 years old

Materials needed:

  • playground/ outdoor spaces, odd and even bibs (2 colours) for all students

Description of the tool:

  • Teams face each other – one side odd and the other side even.
  • Leader/ teacher calls out a math problem; example 4+4=?
  • Students need to work this out. If answer is odd, odd team chases even. The team goes back to the wall and vice versa.
  • The team has to go safely to their side without being tagged.
  • Tagged members shall join opposing team.
  • Game ends when all players manage to be tagged and are all in one team.