To use the cards to help the students build a story on a chosen topic.

Time needed:

  • 45 minutes – 1 hour

Age of students:

  • 6 – 12 years

Materials needed:

  • Dixit cards or any other emotion cards that help students express themselves – attach PDF can also be used as an alternative

Description of the tool:

  1. The students will be split into small groups of around 5 people each
  2. They will be given 5 cards each and the rest of the pack will be at the centre of each group
  3. The rules will be explained by the educator as follows:
    1. Each student should not share or show the cards to the other students in the group
    2. The aim is to keep the story flowing by building their story on each other’s cards
    3. The cards are abstract so the meaning can change according to the person. What is important is that the person that puts the card must explain the meaning and the story behind the card
    4. At the end of the round, the students take a fresh card from the pack so that they always have 5 in hand
    5. The youngest of the students starts the story and they then move clockwise to continue the story.
  4. The educator will monitor time and go around the groups to conclude the stories if need be

At the end of the story, the educator asks students what new things they have learned and to highlight new vocabulary acquired. The educator can also highlight that in creative writing, visual aids can help the students to be more creative.